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Self introduction

My training and interests in life naturally directed my attention to explore Avatar.  I had a goal to understand more and when Avatar came into my life, I felt very comfortable checking the course out.  I had no idea there would be unimaginable benefits I would experience. 

Recommendation (Book / Reading)

I'd recommend reading the preface Harry wrote to his first book, Living Deliberately.  I described myself as a "spiritual junkie", looking for the next incredible moment of feeling really alive.  Reading the preface to Harry's work gave me hope and encouragement to venture further.

Recommendation (Exercise)

The exercise I love is Exercise 19 from  ReSurfacing, This and That.  The objective of the exercise is to demonstrate the effect of changing viewpoints.  The expected results are insights and an increase in responsibility.

I've used this exercise to not take things so personally, to gain other perspectives and to lighten up.

Recommendation (Video)

 I have two favorite videos.  "Impressions" and "Bottled Consciousness"

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